Sunday, October 21, 2012

No Sew Blanket Fellowship

Dear sisters, 
Its time for our Annual No-Sew Blanket Making Fellowship again!

We will meet on Saturday, November 3rd at 10 AM in the Fellowship Hall to make fleece lap blankets which will be donated to seniors. This year, we will have a combined community service outreach with the youth to a senior home sometime in mid-December to deliver the blankets and share the love of Jesus with the residents. 

Last year, all the blankets went to two Hospice of the Valley (in Mesa and Tempe). When Sister Sheng visited one of the Hospice recently, she noticed and recognized some of the residents using the blankets that we donated last year, so your labor of love does go a long way.

We will give a demo to first timers on how to get started with a fleece blanket. For the experienced blanket-makers, we encourage you to find partners and work in pairs (friends, sisters, mother/daughter & son) and fellowship at the same time.

You will need the following items to make a blanket:
1. a pair of sharp fabric scissors
2. sewing pins or safety pins
3. blue painter's tape
4. One and one third yard (1.333) each of 2 pieces of matching fleece (1 with prints and 1 solid color) from Joann Fabric, or you can buy the pre-packaged and matching fleece that is 48 inches x 60 inches in size. (*Do not get the 60 x 72 inches as that will be too big)
Look out for fleece sales and coupons from Joann Fabric.

If you do not have time to go to Joann's, we will have extra fleece available for those who would like to come and offer your labor. We appreciate any help we can get. We will serve a light brunch and you are welcome to bring a plate (fruits or snacks) to the table. We should wrap up by 2 pm.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me, or call me. 
Thank you and may the Lord bless you,
Pam Bakas